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    What is an ISBN
    The ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally. The ISBN numbers are given by the International ISBN Agency in Berlin. The Cyprus Library is responsible for operating the Cyprus ISBN Centre.

    Function of the ISBN
    The ISBN serves:
    Publishers and booksellers for:
    · Ordering
    · Bibliographic searches
    · Stock control
    · Sales data monitoring
    Libraries for:
    · Ordering
    · Information retrieval
    · Copy cataloguing
    · Circulation and interlending
    · The national bibliography

    Publications to which an ISBN shall be assigned to:
    · Printed books and pamphlets
    · Braille publications
    · Individual articles or issues of particular continuing resource, which articles or issues are made available separately by the publisher
    · Maps
    · Educational films and transparencies
    · Audiovisual material (cassettes, CDs, DVDs)
    · Electronic publication either on physical carriers or on the internet
    · Digitized copies of print monographic publications

    ISBN shall not be assigned to ephemeral printed material such as advertising matter, printed music, music sound recordings, serials.

    Structure of ISBN
    The ISBN number consist of 13 digits and is divided into five elements:
    e.g. 978-960-2369-182-2

    Application of ISBN
    The ISBN is assigned free of charge. After the publication of the material, the publishers have to deposit one copy to the Cyprus ISBN Centre.

    For applying an ISBN you can contact in person at the Cyprus ISBN Agency of complete the electronic application form.

    For more information, see the home page of the International ISBN Centre:

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