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The International Standard Music Number (ISMN) is an unique number for the identification of all printed music publications from all over the world, whether available for sale, hire or gratis whether a part, a score, or an element in a multi-media kit. The ISMN is designed to rationalize the processing and handling of printed music and the respective bibliographical data for publishing houses, the music trade and libraries. The Cyprus Library is responsible for operating the Cyprus ISMN Centre.

Publications to which an ISMN shall be assigned to:
· Scores
· Miniature (study) scores
· Vocal scores
· Pop folios
· Anthologies
· Other media that are an integral component of a publication of notated music (e.g. a tape recording that is one of the “parts” of a composition
· Song texts or lyrics published with the notated music (if available separately)
· Commentaries published with the notated music (also available separately)
· Song books (optional)
· Micro-form music publications
· Braille music publications
· Electronic publications of musical notations

ISMN shall not be assigned to:
· Books on music
· Stand-alone sound or video recordings
· Periodicals and series as a whole

Structure of ISMN
The ISMN number consists of 13 digits and is divided into five elements by spaces or hyphens:

e.g 979-0-3452-4680-5

Application of ISMN
The ISMN is assigned free of charge. After the publication, the publishers have to deposit one copy to the Cyprus ISMN Centre.

For applying an ISMN you can contact in person at the Cyprus ISMN Agency or complete the electronic application form.

For more information, see the home page of the International ISSN Centre:

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