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What is an ISSN

The ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is an internationally accepted standard identifier for periodicals, serial publications and other periodically issued publications. Α serial is understood as a publication that appears in consecutive parts, carries numerical and/or chronological identification, and is expected to continue indefinitely. The Cyprus Library is responsible for operating the Cyprus ISSN Centre.

The Cyprus ISSN Centre is responsible for assigning ISSN to serials published in Cyprus.

Function of the ISSN

The ISSN serves:
publishers for identifying their serial publications
libraries for:
· distinguishing between identical serial titles
· checking and ordering procedures, collection management, interlibrary loans etc.
academic for citing in full details

Publications to which an ISSN shall be assigned to:
· periodicals
· journals
· newspapers
· conference proceedings
· newsletters
· technical reports
· annuals (yearbooks, reports, directories)
· tourist guides
· series

For the publications which are represented in electronic format also should be assigned with a new ISSN.

      Structure of ISSN
      The ISSN number consists of 8 digits and is divided into two elements:
      e.g. 1450-202X

      Print out of ISSN
      The ISSN should be printed on the top right-hand corner of the cover of printed journal. In electronic resources the ISSN should appear on the title screen or main menu. In case of parallel editions (printed and electronic), it is advised the both numbers should be written on the printed form.
      e.g. ISSN 1986--2326 (print)
      ISSN 1986-2334 (online)

      Application of ISSN
      The ISSN is assigned free of charge after completing the application form. Immediately, you have the right to get freely a barcode from the CCCI. You can contact with Mr Michalis Protopapas at the 22889748 or by email

      After the publication of the first issue, the publishers have to deposit one copy to the Cyprus ISSN Centre and one for the collection of the Cyprus Library.

      In case a publisher wishes to change the title of a serial publication, he has to complete a new application for requesting a new ISSN.

      For applying an ISSN you can contact in person at the Cyprus ISSN Agency or complete the electronic application form.

      For more information, see the home page of the International ISSN Centre:

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