Open Acess Catalogues

Cypriot Libraries:
Access to the catalogues of 22 libraries in Cyprus. Up to 3 catalogues can be searched simultaneously.

Cypriot Libraries Union Catalogue
Access to bibliographic records of 37 librariesin Cyprus with more than 420.000 records.

Argo - National Documentation Centre (EKT)
  • EKT databases: Databases produced of available through EKT
  • Public and Municipal Libraries in Greece
  • Libraries in the world: Library catalogues in Europe and USA
  • Periodical collections: Collections of periodical publications

    Zephyr is an access gate for locating available books, periodicals and other material in the catalogues of Greek academic libraries. It provides the availability of searching in multiple library catalogues simultaneously. Moreover, users can create their own personal page and storage in it searches and records.

    HALUC - Hellenic Academic Libraries Union Catalogue:
    Access to the catalogues of all academic libraries.

    The European Library:
    The European Library offers access to the collections of the national libraries of Europe, both digital and bibliographical. User can seek simply bibliographical reports, books, music, maps, journals.

    Europeana - Europe's Digital Library:
    Users have access to millions of books, maps, sound recordings, paintings from the national libraries and cultural institutions of the 27 members of European Union.

    Dag Hammarskjöld Library and UN Depository Library Programme
    Since 1946, the Dag Hammarskjöld Library has arranged for the distribution of United Nations documents and publications to users around the world through a network of depository libraries. These documents and can be searched through the online catalogue of the UN Depository Library Programme.

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